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Alternative Medicine in Bloomington, IN  3925 E. Hagan St.  Suite #202, Bloomington, Indiana  47401.

Clinique Wellness is an alternative health clinic offering practical health solutions. Founder and Coordinator, Dorothy Engelhardt, MS Ed., C.N.H.P. believes in healthful living, providing a symbiosis of Eastern and Western thinking.

The clinic specializes in progressive homeopathy and bioenergetics in union with whole-food supplements and soulful living techniques.

We offer a comfortable environment for self-help education and health maintenance. The clinic specializes in nutritional consultation, herbal remedies, homeopathy, ultrasound microcurrent analysis, pH balance and frequency-based resonant light emission technology.

Call 812.333.7200 for an introductory health consultation and to learn more about the exciting world of alternative medicine!

    Increase body's own self-protective mechanisms.
    Fortify Immune Response.
    Increased vitality and sense of well-being.
    Organ detoxification balancing.
    Mental and emotional connectiveness to physical health.

Make an appointment with us to experience the wonders of homeopathy and other alternative health solutions that will efficiently serve your needs.


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3925 E. Hagan St. Suite# 202 Bloomington, IN 47401US


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